Step by Step Guide to Write A  Critical Analysis Essay

A critical essay is a type of essay in which a writer analyzes, evaluates and interprets a piece of literature. It can be a book, article or play. They are supported by facts and other primary and secondary sources. You can also opt for a professional essay writing service and buy the assignment of any kind. 

Such essays are almost similar to write a literary essay. However, both of them are meant to analyze a piece of literature.

Critical Essay Outline

It is the most essential step before starting an essay. A well-planned outline helps to organize the ideas and thoughts clearly. It includes the following sections.


The introduction is the first part and thus, considered as the first impression of your essay. It begins with the description of the main concept, theme and key ideas related to the topic. Moreover, it should also include the historical background.

Thesis Statement

It comes after the introductory paragraph and mentions the central argument of your essay.

Main Body

The body paragraphs include all the supporting details and strong evidence to support the claim. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence and should not discuss more than one idea.  

Also, use the transition words and phrases to lead the readers from one paragraph to another.

The writing process and body of a critical essay has two main parts:

- Analysis – This part is essential while discussing and writing critically. It should comprise of an objective analysis of data, facts, theory, and approaches being used.

- Evaluation – This section evaluates the essay in light of claims and evidence.


The concluding paragraph summarizes all the main points by proving the validity of the thesis statement. It should include all the viewpoints, central arguments along with the objective analysis.

Guidelines to Write A Critical Analysis Essay

Here we have mentioned some guidelines for you to write a critical analysis essay.

  • Detailed Analysis

Divide the topic into parts and discuss how they are related to each other. Also, collect all the ideas and evidence to analyze it.

  • Research Thoroughly to Support Arguments

Conduct thorough research to find relevant data and evidence. It will help in strengthening your arguments and their validity.

  • Avoid Summarizing the Subject

A writer should avoid summarizing the main subject while writing critical essays. Instead, it only involves critical reading and thinking by using facts for supporting the claim.

  • Authentic Information

Finding credible sources for getting authentic information is a vital component for writing a critical essay. It assists in supporting the claim by quoting facts, reports and other available secondary sources.

  • Study Your Argument

Before using evidence for your argument, study it thoroughly to check whether it is supporting it or not.

  • Do Not Use First Person

A writer should present his arguments neutrally and objectively. Being subjective may involve biasedness that may affect the credibility of your essay.

  • Conclude the Essay

After finish writing, it is important to read all the details from the beginning. It will help to restore the actual theme of your essay. Also, eliminate irrelevant information to keep your essay precise.

  • Proofreading

Proofread your work for any spelling, grammatical and structural mistakes. Checking it one last time will clear all your doubts.

Writing such types of essays is indeed a challenging task. But by following these steps, you will be able to craft a perfect one.  However, if you are still confused, taking help from a write my essay service is a good option.

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